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Good Shepherd Lutheran Council


Council Officers, 2019
President: Dennis Luke
Vice President: Bari Raymer
Secretary: Darci Meier

Council Members, 2019
President: Dennis Luke
Vice President: Bari Raymer
Secretary: Darci Meier
Youth Rep. Ethan Fye
Treasurer: Jay Andrews
Members: Don Wienand, Virgil Gordon, Kristy Patterson,  Ryan Fye,
Tim Gordon, Cora Hudik

Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
For more information on council activities call the church office at 1- 815-369-5552.

Standing Committees

Additional Committees/Task Teams/Organizations
taff Support./ Mutual Ministry
Building Trust Fund Board
Women of the ELCA
Men's Ministry

Complete copy of council minutes can be found on the bulletin board.

Council Minute Highlights: March, 2020

Treasurer’s Report: Jay Andrews gave the monthly report for February. There is still a need for more financial support to improve our finances.
Heating Bill $ 843.08
Electric Bill $ 232.97
Bari Raymer made the motion to approve the treasurer’s report and a seconded was made by Don Wienand the report was approved by a voice vote.

Pastor’s Report: Pastor made suggestion that prayer and calls go a long way for the shut ins. Easter cards will be going out to many the week before Easter with a personal touch. Bari Raymer made the motion to accept the Pastor’s Report and Virgil Gordon made the second and a voice vote approved the report.

Committee Reports:

Worship: Holy Week Service is set.

Stewardship: Confirmation Reunion sometime in May or June depending upon availability of one of the former pastors.

Learning: Youth Sunday will be Palm Sunday. The confirmation class is doing well.

Service/ Barnabas: Food Pantry / the Parkinson Support group is being guided by FHN.

Finance: Wayne Kurth will go back on as the finance chair.

Property: Tim Gordon chair brought up the need for gutter guards on the Washington Street. In the future a survey will be going out about what the congregation feels need to prioritize. The issue of repairing the curb on Mason Street was raised. There is need for defibrillator training again..

Scholarship: The forms will go out in April 1st.

Women of the ELCA: no report

Building Trust Fund Board; Jay stated that the board met with Delbert Scheider.

Men’s Ministry: Men’s group will be singing on the 5th Sunday of March.

Suggestion for appointed council members:
Billie Jo Runkle.

Confirmation Reunion Sunday: Suggested date is 14 June and the following pastor’s to be asked Pastor Paul Carlson, Pastor Samuelson and Pastor Bailey will be asked to attend.

New Business:
Kristy Patterson made a presentation for fund raising for the National Youth Gathering in 2021. First fund raising will be the Ester Breakfast, and Silent Auction will be after Easter. Discussion on various means of fund raising ideas included, Applebee’s Breakfast/ AJ’s/Cub Foods Stand.  Bari made the motion to approve the Youth Fund Raising project for the Youth Gathering a second was made by Tim Gordon voice vote was taken and passed.

Pastor brought up the idea of a Suggestion Box of Best Ideas to Save Money for Good Shepherd to be placed up stairs in the center front sound system and another by the heater on way to the Fellowship Hall. Bari Raymer made the motion to have a suggestion box and a second was by Virgil Gordon voice vote was taken and the motion passed.

A complete copy of the minutes will be posted on bulletin board.

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