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Good Shepherd Lutheran Council


Council Officers, 2021
President: Wayne Kurth
Vice President:  Coralyn Hudik
Secretary: Janis Kurth
Treasurer: Jay Andrews
Youth Representative: Open

Council Members, 2021
Tim Gordon, Ryan Fye, Jonathon Kurth, Billie Jo Runkle, Kristy Patterson, Anna Patterson

Meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
For more information on council activities call the church office at 1- 815-369-5552.

Standing Committees

Additional Committees/Task Teams/Organizations
taff Support./ Mutual Ministry
Building Trust Fund Board
Women of the ELCA
Men's Ministry

Complete copy of council minutes can be found on the bulletin board.

Council Minute Highlights: March, 2021

Secretary's Report: Motion to approve was made by Tim Gordon and a second was made by, Don Wienand. Motion carried. Minutes were approved by a voice vote.

Treasure's Report: Jay Andrews gave the report. More is coming in by mail than on Sunday Service, the count is being done later in the week.
Heating: $675.26 Electric: $160.55
Cora Hudik made a motion to approve the Treasure's report and Virgil Gordon made the second. A voice vote was taken. Treasure’s report was approved.

Pastor's Report: Pastor asked at the beginning of her report “What is Young at Heart?” Members explained that at one time it was Loyal Club, then it faded away and it was a group of both young and old that met and often went on outings. Members had a copy of her report. Key points that Pastor Miho pointed out: the sending of postcards letting people know of the Easter times of the Service and how they can participate. Motion was made by Bari Raymer to approve the Pastor’s report second was made by Cora Hudik. A voice vote was taken to approve the Pastor’s report which passed.

Committee Reports

  • Worship report was made by Wayne and Pastor stating that there would be two Easter Sunday services a 7:00 a.m. and a 9:30 a.m.

  • Learning committee report stated that there would the a confirmation class.

  • Service: there is a need of volunteers in the Food Pantry on April 28th. Tim Gordon asked about the bi annual donation to the Food Pantry which is $600.00 Jay explained it would be due in April.

  • Property report was given by Tim Gordon and Wayne Kurth it was pointed out that the organ needs repair, the little leather nuts are dried out and that is one of the reasons that the sound is not clear and a few of the bellows are also in poor condition. Some of what is in need of repair is from the 1940’s, cost of the repair an estimate is over $6,000. Discussion was then should there be a special fund set up for the repair. Other items the boiler was repaired bill still is to be paid, the lap top in the office is having issues. Virgil Gordon made a motion to approve the reports and the second was made by Tim Gordon, motion passed with a voice vote.

Old Business

  • Constitution update: Pastor is still working on it with assistance from Tim Gordon and Virgil Gordon.

  • Good Shepherd Collaboration Pastor Miho gave a report that it is a group of churches networking together who have the name Good Shepherd. The council agreed that it would be Ok to join in.

New Business
The need for the Organ to be repaired. That there would be an appeal for organ repair and the money would be in the BMI fund. Motion was made by Tim Gordon and the second by Bari Raymer. Motion passed with a voice vote.

Could the calendar be put back in the Newsletter?
Attendance count. It could be put back in the bulletin but would be two weeks prior since persons could be viewing the service for a whole week. The count would be from those in the sanctuary and those viewing virtual.

Next Meeting: 8th of April 2021 at 6:30PM

Submitted by Coralyn Hudik
Secretary of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

A complete copy of the minutes will be posted on bulletin board.

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