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Good Shepherd Lutheran Council


Council Officers, 2023
President: Jonathon Kurth
Vice President:  Virgil Gordon
Secretary: Janis Kurth
Treasurer: Jay Andrews
Youth Representative: Nakoah Cornwell

Council Members, 2023
Anna Patterson, Darci Meier, Donna Gullickson, Dale Gullickson, Vicar Robert Mosbo

Meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month.
For more information on council activities call the church office at 1- 815-369-5552.

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Complete copy of council minutes can be found on the bulletin board.

Council Minute Highlights: March 16, 2023 Council Meeting

Agenda: The Agenda for the meeting was reviewed. Several items were added to the Agenda as follows: Holy Week and Easter services schedule, Easter Breakfast, Synod Assembly Delegates Registration, and Birthday Gathering for Willie Kayser and Jim Swain during Fellowship Hour on April 2, 2023. The Agenda was approved.

Secretary's Report: There were three (3) Secretary's Reports presented to the Council. The January 12, 2022 regular Council Meeting, January 29, 2023 Council Meeting following the Annual Meeting, and the February 27 Special Council Meeting requested by the Property Committee. All three reports were approved as presented to the Council.

Treasurer's Report: Treasurer Jay Andrews noted that two large checks came in January and February so that the income is looking very good as of now. The current accounts are in the black and looking good. Electric Bill $185.51 Gas Bill $1,457.98 The Treasurer's Report was approved as presented.

Vicar's Report: Vicar Thomas Mosbo presented a report that shows how his time is spent working for the congregation. He has spent his time preparing and presiding over Sunday morning worship services, attending meetings, visited and brought communion to shut-ins and the elderly members, provided pastoral care on the phone, attend Tuesday Bible Study and participated at the Food Pantry and the Men's Group, officiated at funerals and provided pastoral care for the families. The Vicar's Report was approved as presented.

Committee Reports
Worship and Music: The Worship and Music Committee met on January 16, 2023. The Liturgy was set for the Lenten and Easter seasons. Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Holy Week services and Easter Sunday were discussed. Checking on the Lena Ministerial Association will be having the Noon Lenten Lunches. Graduate Recognition Sunday is set for May 14, 2023. It was decided that it would be nice to ask all families of the congregation if they have any graduates this year, children, grandchildren, or other family members.

Stewardship Committee: Coralyn Hudik attenuated the Congregational Resourcing Event and the one seminar she attended suggested that a congregation could help their members with getting their offering to the church by setting up a direct deposit account for the church members to utilize.

Property Committee: The motor on the boiler was installed by Molitor Plumbing on Saturday. The job was not completed, but things are working and Molitor Plumbing will be back to finish the job at a later date.

Scholarship Committee: The dates and details for applying for a Good Shepherd Scholarship are in the Newsletter.

Men's Group: The Men's Group took down one of the trees on the Washington Street side of the church. The tree was dead. The wood was given to Larry Fulfs for his wood pile.

All Committee Reports were approved as presented to the Council.

Old Business
Constitution: Still working on the Constitution. There have been more suggestions from Synod.

New Business
Membership: It has been brought to the attention of the Church Council that Gary Hudik is not recognized as a voting member of the Congregation. Vicar Thomas noted that in doing some research, he understands that shortly after Gary and Coralyn Hudik were married, Gary planned on joining the church, but due to the illness and death of the Pastor at the time, it was never completed. After some discussion, the Church Council decided to welcome Gary Hudik as a Baptized member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.

Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter Sunday: Palm Sunday will have the Passion reading with the participation of the congregation.

Maundy Thursday Service will be at 7:00 pm. It was decided not to do the foot washing but the alter will be striped while reading scripture.

Good Friday Service will be at 7:00pm with the snuffing out the candles while reading scripture.

Easter Sunrise Service was discussed. Last year it was done with the Methodist Church at the cemetery in Lena. Vicar has approached Pastor Kari but it does not look like that will happen this year. After discussion on what to do, it was decided to hold Sunrise Service here at the church at 7:00 am. With Easter Service following at 9:30 am.

Easter Breakfast: An Easter Breakfast is being planned for 8:00 am following the Sunrise Service. The Menu includes egg casserole, coffee cake, fruit, milk, orange juice, coffee and water. There will be a free will offering to cover any expenses and any extra offering after expenses will go to the boiler repair bill.

Synod Delegates: Synod Assembly Registration is due soon. There needs to be delegates from Good Shepherd to attend.

It was brought to the Church Councils attention that during Fellowship Hour on April 2, 2023 it would be nice to celebrate Willie Kayser's and Jim Swain's birthday. Sue Rush is in charge of the cake and Coralyn Hudik will bring ice cream.

It was noted that along Route 20 at Rafters Restaurant that Good Shepherd is advertised on their digital billboard. The question was asked if there was a cost for this. The answer is no.

Having no other business before the Council, the meeting was closed with the Lord's Prayer.

Next meeting will be on April 20, 2023 at 6:30 pm.
Respectfully Submitted by Janis Kurth
Church Council Secretary

A complete copy of the minutes will be posted on bulletin board.

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