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Good Shepherd Lutheran Council


Council Officers, 2019
President: Dennis Luke
Vice President: Bari Raymer
Secretary: Darci Meier

Council Members, 2019
President: Dennis Luke
Vice President: Bari Raymer
Secretary: Darci Meier
Youth Rep. Ethan Fye
Treasurer: Jay Andrews
Members: Don Wienand, Virgil Gordon, Kristy Patterson,  Ryan Fye,
Tim Gordon, Cora Hudik

Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
For more information on council activities call the church office at 1- 815-369-5552.

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Additional Committees/Task Teams/Organizations
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Building Trust Fund Board
Women of the ELCA
Men's Ministry

Complete copy of council minutes can be found on the bulletin board.

Council Minute Highlights: January, 2020

D. Luke added two future items to the agenda: the meeting schedule for the future Council and the need for a new blower and rectifier for the organ at an estimated expense of $5,000. Moving to accept the agenda was V. Gordon with a second by B. Raymer. All approved.

The Secretary’s Report was submitted and approved following a motion by T. Gordon and second by K. Patterson.

Jay Andrews presented the Treasurer’s report which reflected a December electric bill of $200.75 and gas bill of $678.74. The report was approved following a motion by K. Patterson and second from B. Raymer.

Pastor also provided her December report which pointed out favorable attendance at Christmas services. Pastor commented that the personal invitations sent to members who may have not attended recently had a positive result. Some of those members also returned to assist with the birthday party at Lena Living Center. Other events include her attendance at two training sessions for mental health first aid workshops offered by CONTACT Northern Illinois, one for adults and one for youth. Synod news includes the Congregational Resourcing Event at Kishwaukee Community College in Malta, IL March 14. Keynote speaker is Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

Pastor pointed out the Annual Meeting set for Sunday, Feb. 2. Outgoing Council members include D. Luke, K. Patterson and D. Meier. Thank you cards and candies were delivered to local first responders after the Blue Christmas worship service. Pastor’s report was approved with a motion from K. Patterson and second from V. Gordon.

Committee reports included a review of recommendations by the Stewardship Committee for the incoming Council’s consideration.

K. Patterson, Learning and Youth Committee, said Confirmation classes are coming along well and the Youth Gathering for 2021 will be held in Minneapolis, MN.

D. Luke, on behalf of the Finance Committee, noted that several donations to the Enduring Gift Fund were received and can be used to cover current expenses. Quotes are also being sought for painting Fellowship Hall and for stairway carpet leading to the sanctuary.

Men’s Ministry made donations to various functions and benefits throughout the year. The group will meet again in coming months.

Council approved all reports following a motion from B. Raymer and second by V. Gordon.

Council also reviewed renewal of the bulk mailing permit compared to paying for mailings of the monthly newsletter regularly. The mailing list has been trimmed based on the desire of some members to receive the publication via email or by picking up a copy at the church. Potential savings of nonrenewal is approximately $750 per year. That figure includes expenses of paper and printing. V. Gordon moved to not renew the bulk mailing permit and T. Gordon made the second. Council gave full approval.

Council also discussed the second Confirmation Reunion Sunday which will be scheduled in March.

Motion to adjourn was made by V. Gordon and seconded by K. Patterson.

Council adjourned by standing and reciting the Lord’s Prayer.
Respectfully submitted,
Darci Meier, Secretary

A complete copy of the minutes will be posted on bulletin board.

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