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Good Shepherd Lutheran Council


Council Officers
Council President: Wayne K.
Vice-President: Coralyn H.
Secretary: Nick B.

Council Members, 2018
President: Dennis Luke
Vice President: Bari Raymer
Secretary: Darci Meier
Youth Representative: Krista Keene
Council Members: Troy Keene, Troy Doubler, Eugene Hesselbacher, Kristy Patterson, Don Wienand, Virgil Gordon, Pastor Miho

Meetings are held at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
For more information on council activities call the church office at 1- 815-369-5552.

2015 Church Committees
If you are interested in joining one of the committees, contact the chair of the committee or Pastor Miranda. More help for mission, ministry, and leadership is always needed!

Standing Committees
Worship/Witness: Denny Luke-Chair, Karen Niemeier, Sue Diddens, Tena Rackow, Vivian Hesselbacher, Colton Brinker, Pastor Miranda (CR)

Stewardship: Chair-Open, Pastor Miranda, Shirley Fox, Jon Hudik

Learning/Youth: Chair-Open, Chris Brinker, Beth Martin Leesa Kurth, Sue Diddens, Michelle Andrews, Troy Keene, Marybeth Brinker,
Pastor Miranda

Service: Barnabas/Health & Wellness: Chair-Mary Lloyd, Co-Chair- Nick Baker, Karen Niemeier, Darlene Aurand, Ellen Kyles

Finance: Chair- Wayne Kurth, Chris Brinker, Marion Fahr,
Sharon Schlachter, Jay Andrews, Leland Wenzel, Troy Doubler

Property: Chair- Chris Brinker, Wayne Kurth , Ray Stamm,
Delbert Scheider, Leland Wenzel, Troy Doubler, Nick Baker, Jesse Klosterboer, Jerimy Schriner

Additional Committees/Task Teams/Organizations
taff Support./ Mutual Ministry: Tena Rackow, Gene Hesselbacher,
Sheila Keene, Pastor Miranda, Bill Engel, Sue Kraft, Leland Wenzel

Executive: Pres. Wayne Kurth, V.P.: Coralyn Hudik,
Secretary: Nick Baker

Scholarship: Mary Beth Brinker (Chair) Mike Geiseman,
Shirley Fox, Coralyn Hudik

Nomination: Mary Lloyd, Nick Baker and Michelle Andrews

Audit: Tena Rackow, Billie Jo Runkle

Memorial: Janis Kurth (Chair), Donna Gullickson, Lynn Lyvers

Building Trust Fund Board: Chair-Jay Andrews , Bill Engel,
Lynn Lyvers, Donna Gullickson, Ellen Kyles

Website: Chair-Troy Doubler, (CR) Brianna Andrews, Dan Kurth,
Colton Brinker, Austin Andrews, Taylor Bastian

Women of the ELCA: Joyce Tessendorf, Sheila Keene

Men's Ministry: Troy Doubler, Wayne Kurth, Jesse Klosterboer

Complete copy of council minutes can be found on the bulletin board.

2015 Annual Report
To download and read the Annual Report, click here.

Council Minute Highlights: October, 2018
Jay Andrews presented the Treasurer’s Report which included the August gas bill of $126.14 and electric bill of $209.36. A proposal from Amy Powers at Citizens State Bank Trust Department to move funds from the church’s trust endowment fund toward the purchase of a security fund was discussed. Virgil Gordon made a motion to not make the change and to leave the current fund stand as is. The motion received a second by Bari Raymer. Full Council agreed.

Pastor Miho pointed out several items in her report including a thank you from Lena-Winslow for support of the Le-Win Staff Appreciation Picnic. Upcoming events include hosting of the FHN Flu Shot program at the church October 8; The NW Conference meeting at Good Shepherd Oct. 10 and Pastor Bob from First Lutheran from Mount Carroll will provide a synod visit at the next Council meeting.

Committee reports were also given. Denny Luke said special services on the 5th Sunday of every month have been well-received. Luke also gave each Council member a copy of the pictorial directory. Photographs have been mailed to all parishioners who participated.

Kristy Patterson said plans for Rally Day have been made along with a trip to LOMC for Sunday School students and staff on Oct. 14.

Troy Doubler announced a wine stomp event to be held at Massbach Winery Sept. 29 at 1 pm. All committee reports were approved with Kristy Patterson making a motion and Virgil Gordon offering a second.

In new business, Pastor Miho said progress is being made on the revisions to the Constitution. The document will be sent to the Synod for approval before being presented to the congregation for final approval.

Jay Andrews said this is the open enrollment period for Pastor’s Portico health plan. Currently offered is the Gold Plus Plan which is recommended by the ELCA. The 2019 premium will be slightly lower than the 2018 plan based on Pastor’s current compensation package. Troy Doubler made a motion to continue the Gold Plus Plan and Kristy Patterson seconded. Council approved unanimously.

Council heard a recommendation from Darci Meier to incorporate a message into the program requesting members respect the prelude as a time of silence and reflection before the service begins. Different methods of acknowledging this time were offered.

A motion to adjourn was made by Virgil Gordon and seconded by Kristy Patterson.

A complete copy of minutes will be posted on bulletin board.

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