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Good Shepherd Lutheran 160th Anniversary Celebration
160th Anniversary
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Pastoral Visits & Pastoral Care
Contact Pastor Miho at 815-821-9570 or the Church Office at 815-369-5552
Would you like Pastor Miho to visit your home or would you like to set up a time to talk to Pastor, please contact the church office and/or Pr Miho. If you or someone you know is ill, hospitalized, or in need of pastoral care; please call Pastor Miho. Due to confidentiality policies, many of our healthcare institutions do not inform us when a member is sick or in need. It is a joy and an honor to journey with you to pray with and for you. Thank you!

Flower Calendar
The flower calendar is posted by the north entryway to the sanctuary. Sign up for the Sunday of your choice and indicate if this is for a special occasion or in memory of someone, or call the church office the week prior so it is noted in the bulletin.

Piece Corps Quilters
Join us Wednesdays from 8:00 to 11:30 am
The Piece Corps Quilters made 575 quilts this year: Quilts went to Lutheran World Relief, St. Vincent DePaul in Monroe, and 15 quilts were sent with the Mission Trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Indian Reservation in South Dakota and 40 quilts were given to local families in need.
Prayer Chain
If you have a request for the Prayer Chain: Please call the Church Office at 815-369-5552. We lift up loved ones in assisted-living facilities/ nursing homes, homebound, etc. in prayer. They would love to hear from you, consider visiting, calling, or sending them a note. Call the church office for information.

New Babies
If there is a birth within the Good Shepherd church family, please call the church office at 815-369-5552 with all family information. We want to share in the celebration by placing a rose on the altar and announcing it in the bulletin.

In Need of a Ride to Church on Sunday?
There are several people willing to provide rides to worship. We love worshipping with you, and we want to help make sure you can get here to join us! If you need a ride, please contact the church office for a list of drivers (369-5552). If you are interested in being added to this list of available drivers, please contact the church office at 369-5552.

Check us out on Facebook!
Please check our Facebook page www.facebook.com/GSLCLenaIL/ and share with your friends.

God’s Global Barnyard
Sunday School offerings this fall will go towards ELCA’s God’s Global Barnyard. All of the animals in God’s Global Barnyard help families who are poor and hungry throughout the world. Sunday School children are also gathering coins and bills in their “barns” throughout the week. If you want to join in the fun with your own barn or ELCA World Hunger coin bank, contact the church office at 815-369-5552. God’s Global Barnyard is a part of ELCA World Hunger.

Mission Trip to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

Silent Auction Update
The silent auction was held June 7 – June 30. It was a huge success! We raised $665.00. We would like to thank our generous donors: Teresa Stamm, Joanne and Virgil Martin, Rene Johnson, Denny Luke, Chris and Angie Brinker, Shirley Fox, Janice Kurth, Vivian and Gene Hesselbacher, the Piece Corps, Caroline Jam, Kristy Patterson, Bari Raymer, Don Wienand, Heather Fye, Dena Price, Karen Niemeier, Larry Fulfs, Cynthia Boeke, Sheila Keene, Darci Meier, Jay Andrews, Virgil Gordon, Kelly Gieiseman, Tena Rackow, Sue Rush, Brianna Andrews, Bill Engel, Jane Nelson and some anonymous donors who gave to Mi-Shell bucket. We would also, like to thank Saporito’s Pizzeria, Coach’s, Brickhouse Restaurant, Café 217, Sweetie Me, Lena Drive Inn, Lena Mercantile, Beach’s Supper Club, Lena Fitness Club, DeVoe Floral, and Mitek Corp. Lastly, a HUGE shout out to Mitek Corporation to their generation match of our 2 fund raisers totals! We couldn’t have done it without your generosity! Please keep these local businesses in mind if you are looking for a great Lena experience! Good Shepherd Youth Group

Need of a Ride to Church on Sunday?
We love worshipping with you, and we want to help make sure you can get here to join us! If you need a ride, or if you are interested in being added to this list of available drivers, please contact the church office at 369-5552

GSLC at the Food Pantry
Good Shepherd volunteers at the food pantry on the 4th Saturday of each month. The hours are from 8:30 until 11:30. There is a signup sheet by the bulletin board, so please let us know if you are able to volunteer or be a sub. If you have any questions, please contact Shirley Fox or Mary Lloyd. Thank you! Mark 6:37 "But Jesus said, “'You feed them.'”

Youth Gathering 2018ELCA National Youth Gathering
Dear Good Shepherd Members, as you know I went to the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Texas. I want to thank you for all your support, without it I don’t think I would of made it to Texas and back. I’m most grateful for all of you. Thank you for being part of my faith journey and being one in billions of my church family, I have met. Anna Patterson.

Let Us Know
If youth or adults in Good Shepherd family are involved in activities which the public is invited, please provide a schedule to the church office by Tuesday morning so that we can include in the following Sunday’s bulletin.

Lena Area Church Cooperative
Monetary donations are always accepted for all projects. Checks can be made payable to the Lena Area Church Cooperative or LACC. Checks can be given to either Shirley Fox or to Mary Lloyd. If you would prefer, checks can also be mailed to the LACC, PO Box 5, Lena IL 61048.

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