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First We Give of Ourselves

First We Give of OurselvesFirst, We Five of Ourselves
Gratitude Tree

As we come to the conclusion of, “Giving in Gratitude”, the second of the three year Stewardship Plan of Good Shepherd Church, the members shared what they are grateful for as they placed thoughts on the leaves of the Gratitude Tree. Some told of their blessings, how the church helped them come back to the Church, their abilities of sharing their talents and gifts to support the congregation and the Churches ministries.

We started out this second year with Paul telling of the Macedonian Christians and their generosity. We, too, here at Good Shepherd give of ourselves, as living disciples and growing in giving with joy and delight for the gifts that have been bestowed upon us by the Word of Grace or some other blessing that fills the heart with gladness. The gift of Jesus Christ provides the foundation of delight in our giving.

As a congregation there is strength in gratitude to go forth into the future of Good Shepherd’s ministry to the members and to the community that it serves.

The Stewardship Team thanks all!

First, We Give of Ourselves:
Giving in Gratitude Thank you!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thanks be to God for the generous outpouring of gifts that Good Shepherd Lutheran Church experienced this fall. Over these past number of weeks, our discipleship and stewardship emphasis, First, We Give of Ourselves, has led us in conversation about being disciples of Jesus and growing in gratitude. We celebrate each day, God’s rich grace in our lives and how we give of ourselves in response to God’s gift of grace in Jesus Christ. Our Thanksgiving Celebration and Commitment Sunday was a day of joy, delight, and thanksgiving as we received commitments toward our mission and ministry for the coming year at Good Shepherd.

Please join us in celebrating our ministry and growing in discipleship by filling out a Commitment Card and a Time and Abilities Form, if you have not done so. You are invited to prayerfully consider how God is calling you to share your gifts and then complete these with a spirit of joy and thanksgiving for the many blessings God has given, especially our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thanks be to God for all that is happening at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church! Thank you too, for all you do in our ministry together.

In Christ’s Service,
The Good Shepherd Stewardship Team

“A Heart of Gratitude”
Is your heart one of gratitude or consumed with the desire for more? How do you consider all that you have been given in life? This is a tension present in each of our lives and impacts how we consider what we have, how we share gifts, and give to God. In Luke 12: 32-34, which is our theme text for this week, Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. Luke 12:34 A heart of gratitude celebrates God at the center of our lives and the one who continues to give, bringing grace and life through Jesus Christ. As disciples and stewards, God is the focal point of life or as Jesus says, “our treasure”. A heart of gratitude acknowledges in joy and celebrates in thanksgiving this important truth for our lives and giving.
• What does the phrase “a heart of gratitude” mean to you?
• In what ways have you given of yourself in gratitude this week?

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